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Connection Zero Carbon Fair 2020

Date & Time: 4 and 5 AUGUST2020

  • FIRST DAY - Forest Economy - Climate Opportunity and Solutions
  • SECOND DAY - Low Carbon Economy - Companies and Cities by Climate

Manifesto for Climate

What can we do now

A challenge that can only be overcome if we take steps that benefit everyone as a global community. We see today the consequence of decisions made in the past. And the question is, are we heading to the world we would like to live in?

Certainly there is no single answer, however, the sense of urgency push us to make bold commitments that will quickly change our way of being (exist) in the world, building another bond with the environment we live in, the way we generate services, products and thus restoring the quality and balance of our relationships.

As we organize ourselves, climate change is already happening. The IPCC, the UN scientific panel about climate change, estimates that the Earth’s average surface temperature today is 1 degree centigrade higher than before the Industrial Revolution. Scientists believe that this increase must be kept below 2 degrees to prevent major disasters. So what we do in this decade will be decisive.

Our collective challenge is to quickly apply existing technologies to reduce emissions responsible for climate change and continue to promote research to bring about innovations that lead us to healthier relationships with the environment. This means an international and within-country transition to a good climate economy – which is already happening – but we need to go faster.

Latin America has an immense natural potential to become a leader in this new economy, with clean energy, forest protection and restoration, transportation solutions and new bio-sourced materials. Besides natural resources,

Latin America has, above all, companies and governments with experience and capacity to contribute to this transition.

We have engaged people and especially talented and creative young people developing human connections to build and share disruptive ideas that will lead us to take on this role.

The first edition of Connection Zero Carbon – First Latin American Business Fair for the Climate, in 2019, arose from the need to promote meetings, businesses and inspirations towards a regenerative climate economy. As a result, we had over 600 attendees in two days of events, 200 business meetings, and attendees from over 5 Latin American countries. With the success of the event, it has become clear that governments, businesses and investors are increasingly showing interest in a thriving economy that works for people and the planet. By 2020, the voluntary measures and targets put forward by the 195 signatory nations of the Paris Agreement come into force. This concerns each country, each company, each person. This year, we will host the second edition of this event, with more participants, organizations, entrepreneurs, public managers and – of course – opportunities. Shall we overcome the climate challenge together?

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